Supportive Hypnotherapy, 
Lasting Change

Changing behavior is hard, even when you truly want to. Success requires self-confidence, flexibility, and effective coping tools. Most of all: it requires the help that is right for you.  

Hypnotherapy is a mind-body approach to behavior change. It connects you with the resources of your subconscious mind so that you can understand the obstacles holding you back, release old patterns, and move forward with greater confidence, motivation, and creativity. 



"Mindy's gift for connecting with her clients to help work through the symptoms of the patients issue and dig deeper to ferret out the root cause, blew me away...I highly recommend."   -- Zay P.

"Mindy is exceedingly perceptive and attentive; taking into account the fact that every client is unique, requiring individual attention and strategies...I highly recommend Mindy Newman for any personal struggle that may be  rooted in the subconscious..." -- Andrae G.

"Mindy is a thoughtful, empathic hypnotherapist...." - Jamie B. 

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